This is The List Of The Most Competitive Rivalries in The Premier League

This is The List Of The Most Competitive Rivalries in The Premier League

This is The List Of The Most Competitive Rivalries in The Premier League – Currently, there are so many players who are trying to win a football match that is usually held, the English Premier League (EPL) 2021/2022 is called the most competitive and exciting league in Europe. When other leagues have found their winners, the EPL still has a thrilling last week.

Ahead of the final match which will take place from 22 May 2022, competition between clubs and between players is getting tougher. They fought until the end.

1. Manchester City and Liverpool fight for the Premier League title 2021/2022
Manchester City’s points in the standings are still superior to Liverpool. Even so, Jurgen Klopp’s troops have a great opportunity to win the 2021/2022 Premier League title.

With one home game remaining, the two clubs are currently only one point apart. The Citizens are at the top of the standings with a score of 90 points and the Reds are in second row with a score of 89 points.

In the last match later, Manchester City will face Aston Villa  to add points. Meanwhile, Liverpool will host Wolverhampton Wanderers to steal points and surpass the leader of the standings.

2. The rivalry between Tottenham and Arsenal in the race for fourth place is no less interesting
The competition for fourth place is no less interesting. Chelsea so far have collected 71 points and firmly in third position. Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal still seem to be in tight competition because of the difference of two points.

In order to be able to perform in the 2022/2023 European Champions League, Spurs have gone crazy in the last two matches and have successfully collected 68 points. Arsenal themselves performed poorly so they were only able to collect 66 points. However, both of them have a chance to finish in fourth position.

In this case, Tottenham is certainly more championed. The reason is, when the two met on May 12, 2022, Arsenal were defeated until they conceded three goals. Arsenal’s opponent in the last match will also be considered heavier (Everton) than Tottenham (Norwich City). However, anything can happen in football.

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3. Leeds United and Burnley are fighting to avoid relegation
A number of clubs at the bottom are also competing to avoid relegation. Norwich City and Watford have been confirmed to be relegated so they cannot perform in the highest caste of the English Premier League next season.

Leeds United and Burnley are in the spotlight because their points are currently level. Both have 35 points. They are level at 17 and 18 in the standings. One of them should be relegated. Fate will be decided after the last match.