6 Wise Ways to Use Social Media

6 Wise Ways to Use Social Media – In an increasingly sophisticated era like today, social media networks are very widespread. Internet has become a basic need for people in the world. One of the internet that is very interested in is social media. Social media serves to make it easier for us to interact with other people remotely. But with all the conveniences we get from social media, of course there will be bad impacts too. Here is a wise way to use social media that you can do.

1. Think before uploading

Many fatal incidents are the result of someone’s uploads or comments on social media. It is not uncommon for other people to report it to the authorities because their sentences offend certain parties. So you have to be careful.

Do not let you insult all parties, slander, humiliate others on social media which will eventually lead to problems. You can get caught up in the ITE Law (Electronic Information and Transactions Law) if you speak carelessly.

Worse, if you bully other people for their actions that you think are wrong. Many suicides are committed by people who cannot stand the bullying directed at them, including through social media. Before starting to type or create content, first think about the impact of everything so as not to harm yourself and others later.

2. Stay away from emotions.

Avoid using social media when you are emotional or angry. When we are angry, we usually don’t think long when typing words. Of course it is very dangerous and can make you very sorry for the bad effects caused. Don’t let it go, okay?

3. Friendship.

Utilize social media to establish friendships with friends, extended family that you rarely meet because of your busy schedule, neighbors, old friends and people you have interacted with. Technology helps connect us to those who live far away.

So, even if we don’t have time to visit each other, at least through social media we can communicate such as asking how they are and so on.

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4. Books are better.

The internet does provide a lot of information about the things we want to find. But unfortunately, not all of the information circulating on social media is accurate and can be justified as a hoax. If the source is wrong, you and others can also feel the impact. Be a smart social media user.
So, instead of looking for information in sources that are not clear, or have received reliable information but are still unsure, it is better for you to complete it by reading books. If you don’t want to buy, you can borrow free books at your city or local library by registering to become a member.

5. Limit the use of social media.
Technology such as the emergence of social media is indeed able to help us to interact with those who are far away and rarely we can meet. But, that doesn’t mean it’s enough.

As much as possible, take your time to be able to socialize in real life. Say hello to the neighbors around your house if you happen to meet them. Go to the house of cousins, uncles, aunts, neighbors and friends to just visit, distribute food or give gifts if you happen to come home from a long trip.

6. Ethics.

Socializing in the virtual or real world of course there must be ethics. We can not arbitrarily behave or write words let alone to offend SARA (ethnicity, religion, race and intergroup). Everyone has a different cultural background, respect that and never insult or demean. Of course you don’t want other people to insult you, right?

So, remember to always control yourself in your comments and it’s better to share positive and inspiring things.